Children and Youth Ministry

At AICCP, we endeavor to guide children and youth to love Jesus by teaching His word. Ecc11_1

The children and youth will learn God’s word is life giving and eternal by reading from the scriptures, by memorizing them and by participating in activities to enhance what they learn from the Bible every Sunday. They will learn to share their faith in day to day life by/in living words and deeds and also communicate their hearts to Jesus in prayer. It is our prayer that our children and youth come to know Jesus as their loving Savior!

The Objectives:

  • Children will attend the Sunday school regularly and will learn about God from the Bible stories
  • Children will learn a selected Bible story from the scripture and participate in activities that are part of the story for that week.
  • Children will recite from memory a Bible portion for each week.
  • Children will learn to love and worship God through their offering
  • Children will learn to share their faith with others in daily living
  • Children will learn to communicate their hearts to God in Prayer

The classes are grouped by age group as follows:
Pre-School – 3-4yrs
Group I – 5-6yrs
Group II – 7-10yrs
Group III – 11-13yrs
Youth 13+

During Sunday worship services, the children remain with their families during the first part of the service. They are then invited to the front for a time of Children’s story after which they are dismissed to their classes. We believe that this integration with the adult worship service is essential for their own faith journey.