Small Groups

We believe that fellowship, nurture and growth happens in small group settings as we come together to read the Word of God, reflect and pray. Thy Word

These are the current list of small groups and Bible studies.

Greentree Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 7.30p.m (bi-weekly) at a home in Greentree

Monroeville Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 7.00p.m (bi-weekly ) at a home in Monroeville

Oakland Bible Study
3rd Fridays @ 7:30p.m at a home in Oakland

Family Group Bible Study
2nd & 4th Fridays @ 7.30p.m at various homes by rotation

Women’s Bible Study
Fridays @ 10.30a.m (weekly) at a home in Greentree

Come. Participate. Grow.